I am doing (present continuous)

She’s eating She isn’t reading

It’s raining

The sun is shining

They’re running They aren’t walking

The present continuous am/is/are doing/exting/running/writing etc.



am (not)

is (noc)

I’m working. I’m not watching TV.

Maria is reading a newspaper.



She isn’t eating. (or She’s not eating) a The phone is ringing

are (not)

We’re having dinner.

You’re not listening to me for You aren’t listening) The children are doing their homework

you they

am/is/are + -ing something is happening no

I’m working

she’s wearing a hat they’re playing football I’m not watching television

Please be quiet.

The weather in rice. It’s not raining

Where are dr children? “They’re playing in the purk

wearing it now)

for the phone) We’re having dinner now Can I phone you later?

You can turn off the television. I’m not watching it

I’m working ( I’m working now)

Look, there’s Sarah. She’s wearing a brown cout. (=she is wearing it now)

he weather is nice. It’s not raining.

‘Where are the children?’ “They’re playing in the park.

(on the phone) We’re having dinner now. Can I phone you later?

You can turn off the television. I’m not watching it.

3.1 She’s eating an apple.

He was waiting for the bus.

They playing fotball.

He lie on the floor.

They have breakfast.

She siting on the table.

3.2 Where’s John? Hes in the kitchen. He is cooking.

You stand on my foot. Oh, I’m sorry

Look! Somebody swims in the river.

We’re here on holiday. We will stay in the central hotel.

‘Where’s Sue?’ ‘Sheis having a shower.’

They are building a new hotel in the city centre at the moment.

I am going now. Goodbye.

3.3 She is siting on the floor.

She isn’t read a book.

Jane isn’t playing the piano.

She’s laughing now.

She’s wearing a hat.

Jane isn’t wrating a letter.